Hi! My name's Emily...

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And I help brands to create compelling video content that engages and connects with their audience. I grew up in the UK, but after working for a start-up in Paris, I knew that the 9-5 lifestyle wasn’t for me. I experienced la dolce vita in Italy and decided I would use my skills in digital marketing to move there and build a life I loved based around entrepreneurship and travel. After becoming my own boss and working on social media projects for globally-renowned brands in Italy, I decided to hit the road again. This time I would focus my attention to video…

I have been creating online video content for over 10 years, and my own YouTube channel attracts 18,000+ views per month. I love helping brands big and small who share a vision of having the freedom to create a life we love, and helping them to connect with their audience.




I grew up in the UK and when I was young I spent a little bit of time living with my family in Texas and met friends from all over the world, which is probably where I got a taste for travel and exploring other cultures.

I actually spent most of my childhood dreaming of becoming an actress, and in 2006 when a site called YouTube launched, I began to post videos of myself doing anything from “comedy” to singing to makeup tutorials.

But then I decided to do the "respectable" thing and get a university degree. I studied Modern Foreign Languages (French & Italian) at the University of Bristol. But soon after I arrived, I started to wonder what the heck I was doing?! 

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I felt completely lost, so I started a blog... and that blog got me started networking with lots of digital marketing professionals. I attended and planned events, and started getting internships and work experience with agencies and companies in London.

So when I had to work abroad for my languages degree, I decided to work in corporate PR in Paris... and I hated it. So after a few months I started working in a Paris startup, and something clicked…

Me and some of my startup friends in Paris.

Me and some of my startup friends in Paris.

I was good at this. I’d gained skills that were being recognised, and I was offered a full time job there, if I gave up my university degree and came to live in Paris.

I knew that start up life was far closer to what I wanted... but I had already planned six months working in Italy. So, I said "no, thank you" and continued my year abroad.


I was thriving with the slower lifestyle of Italy. These Italians knew how to live... So, I figured something else out. I wanted a job I loved, in a place I loved. I made it my mission to get back to Italy as soon as possible!


So in my final year of university I started freelancing, and as soon as I graduated I hopped on a plane back to Italy. 

Actual footage of me getting frustrated with Italian bureaucracy.

Actual footage of me getting frustrated with Italian bureaucracy.

It took months before I completed the bureaucracy necessary to freelance regularly in Italy. But I landed a regular gig with one of the top social media agencies in North East Italy. I worked on social media content and strategic campaigns for big Italian and international brands in many sectors from fashion and jewelry to design.

Through all of this time I had still been making YouTube videos, documenting my experience about my travels and life abroad. I learned a lot at the agency and loved Italy, but when I felt like my learning started to plateau, I realised that I was ready for a new adventure.


So, I stopped freelancing via agencies and hit the road. I paired my social media strategy experience with my video production skills to offer businesses an all-in-one service. At first I worked completely remotely from places like Lisbon, Portugal.

Today I travel regularly and love to work away from home, but am based in Brussels, Belgium. I still continue to document my journey on my YouTube channel which attracts 15,000+ views per month, and in January 2019 will be going to Tanzania to shoot my first documentary where I’ll climb Mount Kilimanjaro and share stories of Tanzanian women reaching their own “Kilimanjaro-sized” goals.

Im excited to see what the future brings.