How to use video content in your business 2018

So, you want to use video content in your business? You’ve heard that it’s estimated that by 2020 80% of content consumed online will be video (*source) and, well, you want in.

It’s true that it's both strategic and engaging to reach your audience using video content, but how do you start using video in your business?


That’s a big question, and will require some research, but the good news is that with so many different platforms lending themselves to video in all lengths and formats, you’ve got a wide choice to decide where to get started and see what works for you!


Here are some of my current favourites:


YouTube – both a search engine and a social media platform, YouTube is a great place to grow a community and brand awareness using both ever-green and trending topics by providing valuable content to your audience.

IGTV – The most recent of the platforms listed, IGTV  is Instagram’s answer to a long-form video content, but in vertical format. It’s so new that we can’t be sure exactly where it’s heading and how viewers will use it, but many brands are testing different types of existing long-form content in a vertical format there.

IG stories – A series of short pictures and/or videos, Instagram stories has proved itself a powerful tool over the past two years since its launch, with 400 million daily users (*source).

Instagram – Regular Instagram posts can include videos of up to 60 seconds. I love including teasers and fun graphics for my clients, but my personal recommendation is to limit it to that. Not many users who are scrolling on the Instagram newsfeed are willing to keep their thumbs still for a full minute.

Facebook – Facebook allows you to natively upload videos, which from my testing have proved to help to improve reach and interaction compared to posts using just graphics and text.

Blog – A variety of platforms allow you to host videos that can help to make your blog content even more rich, without having to start a YouTube channel.


Of course, rather than social media, some people are more interested in getting their foot in the door with video via mediums:


Courses – You can say that technology made us lazy, but there’s no arguing that video engages us in a way that sometimes text simply can’t compete with. More and more people are integrating videos to make clearer, more engaging course content for their audience.

Testimonials – Why write it when you can say it? Not only are they fun to watch, but testimonial videos add a layer of trust by seeing real people reacting to your service or product.

Explainer videos – Looking for a snappy way to explain what your business is all about in the first place? A video to explain your product/ service, or a branding/’about me’ video if you are the face of your business can be an efficient way to answer questions and doubts your audience may have.

What are your favourite ways to incorporate video content in your business? Let me know in the comments!