You have a message that needs to be heard.

You want to spread it with video content that connects with your type of humans…

the kind that will soon be your clients. I’ve got your back.


So you know that video can build your brand through providing valuable, human content. You’re ready to get more out of video than your weekly Facebook lives…

You want to C O N N E C T, and you’re pretty sure that YouTube could be the way to do that. But when it comes to getting the most out of the platform you’re… and you just. Don’t. Have. Time.  

I feel you… but that’s no reason that YouTube can’t work for you and bring in your very next client.  

Let’s take the pressure off!

emily stoker video content creation

What if I told you that you could... 

·        Use YouTube to grow your business & find clients

·        Increase your visibility through the YouTube search engine

·        Save time editing videos

·       Create a YouTube presence that engages a community of your type of people




·        Channel creation/refresh

·       6 videos per month (editing, thumbnail, video SEO)

·        Your branded video intro clip

·        Monthly video content strategy call

·        Monthly video playlist creation

·       (Pay in full and get a FREE branding video!)


Together we’ll create a YouTube plan that builds your brand identity and helps you accomplish your business goals. Then you can sit back and watch the magic happen!

I’ll update your YouTube profile so that it reflects the brave, professional entrepreneur that you are and create your personalised YouTube intro clip to keep your content looking and feeling like you! Then we’ll get this show on the road as I edit and upload your 6 monthly videos.

Are you ready to excel on YouTube and get your time back? 



Emily stoker video content creator


Emily is an online video content creator. She grew up in the UK, but after discovering the world of entrepreneurship during an internship in Paris, she knew she wasn't destined for a 9-5 lifestyle.

As soon as she graduated she moved to Italy to build a life she loved around travel and entrepreneurship. After building a freelancing portfolio there, she decided to up the anti and live as a digital nomad while growing her video content creation business. 

She began making YouTube videos over ten years ago, and today her current channel attracts over 18,000 views per month. What started out as a way to document her adventure turned into the foundation of her business. Now it's also a way to help fellow adventurous entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, so they can concentrate on living a life they love, too.


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