5 Ideas for B2B Video Marketing

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I was recently at a conference , and while I was there I was having a lot of conversations with in-house marketing professionals, both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer), I saw a lot of misconceptions flying around about how video was only relevant for B2C businesses.

I completely disagree. It’s easy to picture B2B marketing as targeting faceless people dressed in suits, while consumer marketing has the space to be more sexy and fun. But behind every purchase there is a human making a decision.

We need to grab that decision maker’s attention and engage them in the story of our brand. The fact still stands that we can process video 60% faster than text, and storytelling is just as important in corporate B2B as it is <insert whatever product/service you consider easiest to market here>. We will need to adjust how and where we communicate that story.

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Here are some ideas to get you started with including video in your B2B marketing strategy:

1. LinkedIn video

LinkedIn has stepped up their game when it comes to video in recent years. Have you considered distributing video content on the platform on your business’ page?

2. Client testimonials

Just like in B2C, testimonials not only help to increase trust in a product or service, but it gives those in the “consideration” phase a chance to see what other types of people (or in this case, businesses) have invested in your brand.

3. Promotional brand video

People still need to understand what you do. A promotional video for your business is a great way to position your branding and say clearly what that is, and what types of businesses you help in a quick-to-digest format.

4. Useful content for your target audience

As the owner of a B2B business myself, I know that my target profile is a busy person. By producing short, digestible video content that can help to solve some of the problems they face relating to video marketing in their everyday work life, I can build trust and get my name out there in the initial stages of my funnel.

5. Video for customer/client care

Not strictly part of the marketing journey, but reengaging your leads you’ve already converted is a smart step in saving money in the long-run since it’s cheaper to re-engage somebody who has already bought from you than finding and converting a new lead. Think videos as a practical and fun way to present tutorials, FAQs and more!

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Look at how marketing and branding professional Youcef El Kouchi leverages LinkedIn video to engage the HR and marketing professionals he's targeting (and goes viral in the process!).

Are you currently formulating your B2B video marketing strategy?

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