So you're going to do a video project. "It'll be fun", they said.

"Video is the best way to engage your audience", they said.

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So you decide on a concept with your team. Nothing too fancy. Just the art director, a shooter and editor, someone to do the audio, and the talent, and... wait, it costs how much?! 

After taking a valium and doing a bit of research, you realise you are not being ripped off and these are, in fact, reasonable prices for a film crew.

So the project kicks off. Shooting day arrives. But your art director is still rooting for that experimental style you'd quickly shut down in meetings, your talent seems to think they're on the Victoria's Secret runway show, and your shooter couldn't care less about any of it.

The final product? Picture Sartre and Kendall Jenner's love child.

"I just wanted a nice Facebook ad campaign," you whisper through your salty, salty tears.



OK, maybe it wasn't that bad, but the frustration is real. Once you've organised and spent so much on the film crew, it seems impossible to get everyone on the same page. let alone balance a creative product that also works strategically. Your message is getting confused along the way, and that means your brand is, too.

And let's be honest... you've been using variations on the same three video concepts for a while now. You're passionate about communicating your brand in an exciting way, but when it really comes to your content marketing, you and your team are feeling pretty uninspired.


You're hitting the same road blocks time and time again.

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If only there was someone who could understand what you need strategically and execute creatively... 


What if you could reconnect to your brand's core message, and reconnect with your target audience along the way, too? Imagine not feeling constantly in competition to create more than your competitors, but venturing deeper into your brand's core values and having someone on your team who is just as passionate about sharing this message as you are.

I’m a one-woman wonder team, which not only saves on costs, but a smaller team means fewer crossed-wires when it comes to a shared creative vision. Plus my years of experience in digital marketing strategy means I get that there's more that goes on than creating something that's subjectively "cool".

I work with your marketing team to really understand your brand and target audience, as together we define a content concept that will really engage them... Then I turn it into compelling video content.



- Concept

- Pre-production

- Shooting & production

- Editing & post-production



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