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So, you want to use video content in your business? That's awesome! But wait - filming, algorithms, uploads, titles... how does this thing actually work?!

You've got an awesome idea, and maybe you've even started to put it into practice. But video feels confusing and overwhelming. You want to connect with your audience and spread your message, but right now this video thing feels like a rowdy dog on a leash that's taking you for a walk. You're not really sure which direction it's taking you in or if it's where you want to be...


What if I told you we could turn that overwhelm and frustration into breezy video bliss? Imagine having a clear vision of how to use your video content to reach your goals, feeling confident putting out videos that connect with your audience and that make them happy because you're providing real value, like the skilled entrepreneur that you are!

You can say goodbye to the mindless hustle and that scary feeling in the pit of your tummy when you think about putting out a new video... and say hello to more intentional action, feeling empowered when creating your next video and more connected to your audience than ever.


Are you seeing it more clearly, yet?

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We start our collaboration with me finding out about more about your brand and goals. Let's create your tailor-made roadmap... Then I'll break it down to guide you to get the most out of the platform, connect with your audience and reach your goals in an easy-to-understand format.

I'll help to answer questions such as


How do I even start this project?

How do I navigate scary things like algorithms and video SEO?

How will I know when it's working or when I need to adjust?

How do I make this sustainable with the resources I have?

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THE deliverables:

-Questionnaire & 90 minute call

-Content audit & competitor analysis

-Video Content Strategy Roadmap & Workflow Proposal


Because what good is a great idea if you don’t know how to get there? Or, perhaps most importantly... How to thrive with the resources you have?

Don't worry, you're not completely lost. You just need a nudge to get on the right track!

And you know what the best bit is? You will walk away with a guide that will teach you how to navigate video content with clarity, based on a unique strategy I build based completely on your brand and the criteria you choose.


Are you ready to wake up each day to video content clarity?

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So, what's next?

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